Land Services Solutions For Oil & Gas Exploration

& Production and Right-of-Way Projects

About Us

Philip Reed Energy Group, LP (PREG) is a contract land and right-of-way consulting firm, providing comprehensive land management and right-of-way services to companies in the energy and infrastructure industries. PREG has a highly experienced and battle tested team of Land Professionals to help carry out projects in a cost-friendly and responsible way without ever sacrificing the integrity of project objectives. 

PREG is dedicated to helping you effectively navigate the process of acquiring or confirming the rights or interests you need to move forward with your project, and we believe that effective communication with our clients is key to the success of a project. We don’t just take orders, we want to sit down with you to understand the big picture. Taking into account our past experiences and keeping in mind your overall goals, we’ll collaborate with you to design a tailored plan that fits your needs. 

Once the plan is in place, our dynamic team of Project Managers and Land Professionals will take extreme ownership, carrying your project to completion so you can move on to the next one. 


Oil & Gas Exploration

Oil & Gas Exploration

• Lease Take-Off and HBP Research
• Lease Acquisition
• Mineral Title Reporting
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Right -of-Way

Right -of-Way

• ROW and Easement Acquisition for Pipelines
• Permitting (County/State Roads, Railroads & Waterways)
• Construction Liason & Damage Claim Settlement
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